Global analysis crosses your data and market data to provide best insights to cut travel expenses

Lowest airfare available

We compare the price you paid and the minimum price available for the same ticket (cabin class and conditions)

We know that airfares are complex and volatile. We use our global fare data to understand if you bought at the lowest price according to your travel policy. 

Perfect Booking Window

We track availability of lowest airfare per route to allow corporations to adjust travel policy and engage employees to buy at the perfect moment.

Airfares are built in order to make price cheaper for travelers which book long time in advance. However, revenue management adjust prices everyday and you cannot be sure to get the lower airfare even if you book 30 before. Only real-time market data can give you this insight.


Negotiation with Carrier

We provide statistical data on booking class opening to help companies negotiate their supplier contract with airlines.

When you negotiate with airlines, you're mostly discussing about a discount on different booking classes. But do you know how often a booking class is opened per month on a given route?

Refundable Taxes helps companies to highlight tax payments on unused ticket in order to make savings.

Our fare data allow us to retrieve tax amount on non-refundable ticket per carrier and per route to help companies ask their money back and reduce travel costs.


Savings as a service

Corporate travel industry is driven by data but very few companies has access to global data to compare travel program to market state. leverages big data capabilities to provide value to companies which focus on reduce travel expenses respecting employees willingness.


Actionable reports & tools provides actionable reports to travel managers with recommandations and next best actions to make savings. 
Furthermore, our DNA is to develop new tools to unlock savings so according to your need, we provide tools to make your job easier.


Data & Industry expertise

Our team is composed by tech experts and corporate travel leaders with more than 15 years of experience in the field. 
We understand large corporations needs and know exactly how to efficiently set up new tools without changing employees behaviour or travel management software.

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