Leverage big data
for airfare savings

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Winglet.io provides deep analysis of global data to predict next level of savings

Global data

Winglet.io uses real-time data to get a complete overview of airfares. Our data expertise allow us to highlight patterns on many topics such as perfect booking window, lowest fare available and booking class availability.


Deep analysis

Our big data expertise combined to our knowledge on airfaires and negotiated contract allow us to drive conclusion on what could be changed on travel engagement, contract negotiation and fare optimization.


Unlocked Savings

We don't give you trends or non actionable insights. We deliver exact figures on how much you could save by comparing your traffic and our billions of data points. More than a figure, we help you capture new savings through our technology tools.

Air spending analysis

Collect air expenses

Provide us all your tickets used on a period of time in order to analyze it.

Cross your spendings to market data

Lowest fare available, booking class opening, tax refundable and booking window

Calculate potential savings

Comparing your spendings to market data, we are able to highlight missed savings and pinpoint next best action to optimize travel program.

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Post booking process

Capture savings


Save money

Our algorithm identifies the cheapest airfare available and advice your travel management company when to book your flight ticket.


Match your travel policy

Our solution considers your preferences among refundable and non-refundable tickets, carrier and cabin class.


Savings Insights

We create custom report to your travel manager with airfare savings and meaningful insights.

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