Corporate travelers

You book. We track.
Your company make savings.
corporate_travelers tracks already booked ticket and alert to rebook when the price drops at the minimum

Seamless employee workflow

We don’t change employee habits, we embrace them.
Our job starts after the booking process.

We analyze refundable and non-refundable tickets to know when to rebook accordingly to future airfare availability and ticket flexibility.

Your employees have nothing to do. We deliver an email containing their ticket and savings we made.


We work with your travel management company

We are a technology-based company, not a TMC. This is the reason why we work closely with travel management company to setup our technology and train travel agents.

We notify travel agents to rebook and travel managers a savings can be done.


Dashboard analytics

We send a custom report each month to measure your savings. You can find how many tickets we monitored for you, airfare savings and type of tickets.

The analytics report could be send to your travel management team in order to follow the employee’s activity.


Increase savings

We save you time and money. Whereas your employees cannot check airfares everyday, we can predict and monitor tickets even after the booking. We analyze if the price will drop and we buy at the best moment.


Hassle-free solution

Winglet doesn’t modify booking workflows. We work on back-office, willing to not interfere with your current employee journey to book a flight. The only modification will be a lower airfare.


Fit travel policy

Because we know travel policies are different according to companies, our solution is designed to predict and monitor airfares according to class, flexibility, and flight number.

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