Customer Adaptive
Pricing Engine

We redefine airline centric pricing
to customer adaptive

Personalized Continuous Pricing

Continuous Price Points

We transform static pricing into dynamic by adding price points and introducing new data sources when making pricing decision.

Context-Based Offer

We enhance the airline's offers by personalizing every shopping request with factors such as real-time market conditions, distribution channels, behavioral analysis and customer segmentation.

Unlimited Look to Book

We scale high shopping request volumes given our horizontal cloud-based architecture.

Machine Learning -  Pricing Engine

Customer Segmentation

We offer an in-depth segmentation of shopping requests via Machine Learning techniques. Our approach leverages ATPCO standard segmentation and customer Willingness to pay in order to deliver tailored offers.

Market Monitoring

We monitor the competitors' fares in real-time to adjust prices according to competitiveness. Instead of pushing daily new fares, we automate the process to follow market dynamics.

Demand Forecast

We forecast the demand using various data sources processed in near real-time. This feature improves the traditional forecast made on historical RM data to real-time shopping demand to adjust prices dynamically.

Channel Customization

We subdivide our customer-centric pricing according to specific distribution channels, maximizing the revenue on the airline's particular channel needs.

Continuous Optimization

We enhance the learning loop through online learning. Our platform uses A/B testing and other techniques to measure each pricing's conversion rate and adjust our models to fit the customer's needs.

Delivering instant value

Winglet.io is member of the Dynamic Pricing Working Group, we develop solutions for legacy carriers to start implement Dynamic Pricing without changing their process and revenue accountability. 

The future is NDC.  We work closely with airlines and IT partners to optimize Offer Management via the NDC API. We integrate your NDC shopping requests through our API.

Looking for Dynamic Pricing solutions?

Dynamic Pricing is the new step for Airline Pricing. It will drastically increase revenue and margins while it represents usually a long journey for airlines.

Our approach is singular. We support airlines transition to a customer-oriented dynamic pricing. We decrease their disruption cost, building value on both short and long-term objectives.
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